Thursday, 14 October 2021

Where have we been & What have we been up to?

Hello there friend, 

I cant believe it has been two weeks since the last update. I had planned on getting on last week to share an update but then the dark clouds and rain cleared and we just had to get outside to try and tame a little of the wild outside that came with all the rain. 

Our garden is slowly but surely taking shape again after the hail storm from last November and then all the rebuilding and thatching and repairing that came the months that followed that. 

Our last remaining rose bush has decided that she will bloom once more - I had my doubts - but she is smiling and blessing us once again. 

The lemon and orange trees blossomed so prolifically this season too that I am in awe of the abundance that I know will bless our home in the coming months and the bees are so super happy too. So happy, in fact, that they have finally started settling into the ebb and flow of our rhythm here on our small homestead and we were able to get some compost into the veggie beds! 

Tuesday hit us with a heat wave with a high of 36 degrees Celsius! A perfect day to open the pool and begin our swim season! 

Our pool, although quite small, does not warm up like most others during this time of the year as we have an abundance of trees - which means that there are only a few hours of the day when it gets direct sunshine to warm up the water from the colder months. 

The small ones loved their first swim of the season but did not spend as much time as they would if it were December or January. Today we are expecting the temps to soar to 40 degrees Celsius - so yes they will be finding some comfort in there again.. 

who knows I may just join them..?

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