Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Her 5th Birthday

Hello friend!

What a few days it has been! We celebrated our sweet girl's 5th birthday this past week and then ended off the week with an intimate party with close friends and family at our home. Birthday parties over the last couple of years have either been with a small gathering or none at all thanks to the pandemic. 

This year we were able to hire a jumping castle! The very first for her - she has not had one before - and while it was set up on Friday she jumped on her own with the help of her older brothers to gain a little confidence. By Saturday morning she was double bouncing them both almost out of the jumping castle. But as the small friends arrived so did the rain. Most inconvenient to say the very least! We had hoped that the rain would hold out until after the kiddies party as predicted via our weather app - but it didn't. We had also hoped that by booking a jumping castle with a covering that it would help a little too - but it didn't. They did have a short jump in the beginning and then moved through to the school/play room.

I forgot how busy other peoples small humans can be *insert chuckle here*

The ladybug cake was a surprise which she absolutely loved and so did the other small humans. And, her gifts were so thoughtful too - She did get a copy of Charlotte's Web from her oldest brother Tristan! It arrived just in time for her birthday party. Sadly Tristan did not make it to celebrate with her, he moved out in the beginning of the month to pursue a homeschool teaching position in another town! We do miss him terribly. She also received such beautiful arts and crafts stationary which she loves to do all day long - they came just in time as we were starting to run short with what we had in our arts and crafts cupboard! She also received the complete Mary Poppins book set collection and a Bug Box that she and Pa take out each afternoon (when he gets home from work) and go hunting bugs. Once they find what they can in the backyard they settle in the homeschool library and look up a little information on each of the bugs. So far ladybugs and butterflies seem to be the most popular ones to find their way back home. Worms and spiders are not!!

After the party there was a small gathering of our closer tribe to spend the early evening with us and do what we do best here in South Africa - Braai! It was festive. Danika's bestie and our goddaughter Taya decided that she wanted to spend the night and join us for church the next morning so that was a perfect ending for our little lady for her day.

It looks as though the rain and darkness is here to stay for a bit longer. The kids are kind of saddened by this as they had just gotten their feet wet the week before with the first swim of the season. But, I did remind them that in the not so distant future there will be plenty of super hot and dry days that they would be longing for the cooler days again.

Sending much love for the rest of the week!
Wherever you may be in the world...
Stay safe - God bless

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl. The ladybird cake is beautiful, so bright and cheerful. I am glad you were able to have a party for this little one.


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