Thursday, 30 September 2021

Thank You September

And... just like that September has come and gone in the blink of an eye! Can you believe that we are a few months away from the year's end? I certainly cant but I can say that I am happy the warmer brighter more colourful months are creeping in. I love the colourful months - the seasons of Spring and Autumn just vibrate with change.

This past weekend we celebrated my 40-something-th birthday. I dont count the numbers so much anymore - it's 40-something or other and it was a lovely day. The friday was a public holiday and so Pa decided that it was good to share it with our special friends. They all came over and made it extra special for me. I am so loved and so very blessed - I dont even have to remind myself these days I just know it. Saturday we went to look at farm lands with family in Underberg and Sunday we made our way to Church. We are so excited that Church has reopened and is back to full service with Sunday school for the small ones included. It's been a long haul of Zoom services and a kind of whip lash of a backwards and forwards of sporadic services at the Church and Zoom Meetings.

Spring is finally here.. I see it all around me. The early morning singing from the birds and the sun's rays peering in through the curtains a little earlier every morning. Oh, and the fragrances from our outside blooms wafting through our open doors and windows - in particular the orange blosoms! They are heavenly, so much so that the bees are a buzz about them that I darent wonder down to it during the day but rather wait until the cooler evenings. J climbed in and got to our first lawn mowing of the season too. The smell of freshly cut grass is so heavenly as well not to mention that the lawn looks wonderful too.

Thank you September - see you again next year!


  1. Beautiful photos. You sound very happy and inspired.

  2. Happy Birthday! Here it is autumn and I am getting ready for the colder months. I don't mind the cold but the darkness at our latitude is really exhausting. I am glad you are able to go back to church.


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