Friday, 13 November 2020

Officially Swim Season

 So, it's officially swim season. 

Well that's what I thought last weekend. I think the temperatures soared to around 40 degrees celcius. Our pool water was still a little on the cold side (which helped on that super hot day) and will probably stay that way for awhile to come. 

We dont get a lot of direct sunlight over our garden, which is my personal pain as a home growing gardener, but it does make for the reprieve we will need in the hotter months to come. 

Right now though, this week has rained non stop! The rainy season seems to be a little early this year. 

Have you noticed small changes in your seasons as well?

The non stop rain this week helped us catch up with home school lessons. We are almost done with the curriculum for year. It has felt like a long year. 

Although we home school the pandemic shouldn't have played havoc on our lessons like it did for the school goers around the world but it somehow did. 

We are looking forward to finishing this one off taking a much deserved break and then waiting on the new year and new curriculum to be shipped. The children are quite excited about the new curriculum ordered. Change will be good.

How are you all? We hope you are keeping healthy and safe wherever you all are in the world.