Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Thank you August.

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Hello there my friends,

It has been a long couple of years of having lived out of boxes and contractors continually trapsing in and out my door. The month of August has by far been the best we've had in quite some time. 

Our backyard is starting to flourish again, all the mess the contractors left behind has finally been cleaned away. All the blooms have really shown their appreciation and put on quite a show. The Magnolia tree was certainly a show stopper this month followed by our sweet little Heartsease. At one point this month I had a heart stopping moment when I thought it would all come to a grinding halt again when we had another hail storm. So unusual for this time of the year. Hail in winter!!!??? When have we had any hail in winter let alone rain! Winters here in our part of the world are dry and cold. We don't get rain or hail or even snow. But all was well with the world when the flash hail storm ended and there wasn't that much damage. It was such a relief.

The month of August was spent deep cleaning for spring. Windows were washed, curtains too and boxes unpacked and all things dusted and put in its space. We got to fall in love with our home and space again.

My little Soapery space in my kitchen is working in full force again and I should (hopefully) open shop again in the next month or so.  

Our backyard hens have all started laying and our rude rooster is calling for day long before the sun has even thought of rising.

Our busy little bees have calmed and are settled into their daily tasks of buzzing here and there to pollinate and collect pollen for our hives. 

Homeschool lessons are starting a little earlier these days too. As the sun rises a little earlier every morning and the days become a little more warmer I find the littles are waking earlier too. Lesson are done before noon and the afternoons are spent in the glorious sunshine outdoors tending the little blooms and fruits. Evenings are also being spent more outdoors and you can often hear the squeals from ours and the visiting neighbour's littles as they play hide and go seek. 

This time of the year is always my favourite.. As the world starts awakening from Winters slumber..

I do hope your August was wonderful and that September will be a blessing.

Much love, God bless


Thursday, 18 August 2022

a weekend at tugela mouth

We had a much needed weekend break away with family at Tugela Mouth. The children loved all the fresh air and sunshine and just BEing and getting to know their cousins. 

We hope you are all well? We are finally done with all the construction at the homestead. So, life should be getting back to normal soon. It has been a long haul. With years of fighting with the insurance company and enduring a leaky roof and praying that when the rain came it would not bring hail with it. We can now love our home again.

I do hope to share some exciting news with you all from the Soapery in Spring. I feel that it has been so long overdue and that it's time to start restocking shelves.

With much love from us all.
God Bless

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

winter solstice and a day at the dam

Hello there,

I know, there hasn't been much uploaded for quite some time. In all honesty there has not been that much to share and I have not felt connected enough to get out our dusty ol' camera and click away at moments when there has not been anything but the mundane happenings on our homestead. The weather has not been kind for us here in our part of the world. It has rained more days than it hasn't and our outside looks more like sludge and with the cloud cover it does not shine as often as we hope for. Rain in Winter - it's all very strange to say the very least.

A few weekends ago we made our way out to Midmar Dam to join our Church picnic and with some reluctance I packed the camera. I am so glad that I did. The colours and shades at the park were so beautiful that I couldn't help but pop in the lens, switch on the camera and click away. It felt good to be behind the lens again. 

Let's see shall we if this may inspire me to get the ol' camera out and use her more often.

Have a blessed solstice my friends,

With much love.